Interphex 2019

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As we had stated in previous articles, WiseSorbent® will be attending Interphex in New York next week from 4/2/19 to 4/4/19 at booth. We plan to have some very exciting announcements such as new innovations, new products and of course demoing the latest machinery we have on offer! With such surprises in store, it’s a safe bet that WiseSorbent® will be making its mark yet again at Interphex in New York City this year! This will be our 5th visit to Interphex so we are hoping to see new friends and customers as well as fresh faces too!

So what type of new products are we going to show? Obviously, seeing them for yourself is the way to go, but at the same time seeing and handling them firsthand is 100% part of the tradeshow experience, if you are truly in need of one of our moisture solution products feel free to ask for a sample and we will be happy to provide you with them! Our most talked about innovation lately has been the much sought after “Desiccant Aluminum Film” available for both powder and food packaging as well as blister packs and even cold form style lidding foil! This innovation is revolutionary in its design due to it being able to absorb moisture at a rate comparable to traditional silica gel adsorbents without the need for a sachet/bag. Feel free to ask about when you stop by at Interphex; seeing is believing!

Another popular and much asked about attraction are the machines that we put on display when we exhibit at trade shows. Interphex will be no different as we display one of our latest models of our Cutting and Dispensing Machine. There are various upgrades when compared to our previous model such as: a built in Dry-box housing the desiccants, a more compact control panel as well as a hose from the Dry-box to the main machine unit thus ensuring that all the desiccants being dispensed and cut do not lose any potency whatsoever from the factory or warehouse environment that it is working in. Many cutting machines for desiccants are either too bulky and large or too small with not enough features or high failure rates. On the contrary, our machine has a small-form size along with 4 sensors checking various parameters of each individual desiccant bag ensuring that each product it protects is truly safe. Also thanks to the sensors near the cutting blade and our WiseMini® desiccants transparent ultrasonic seal not a single desiccant bag is cut incorrectly or split open! We will be running it each and every day at the show constantly non-stop. Yet again, another great reason to stop by the WiseSorbent® booth.

All in all, Interphex is sure to be a jam packed full of excitement, whether you are one of our many current customers or looking to learn more about us, WiseSorbent® is glad to be of service to you. Again, be sure to ask and observe all there is to offer, grab an information sheet about our various solutions and product offerings and all of our staff on hand is there to assist you with anything else you may desire. Remember our booth number too! #2159c

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