Brand new start on westpack 2018

2018 is underway, and the Wisesorbent team finishes the WestPack, Anaheim tradeshow with extraordinary success! Wisesorbents protective packaging solutions continue to thrive as one of the main leaders in the world. Alongside our desiccant options, we were thrilled to introduce and display our state-of-the-art powder packaging machine to our customers at the WestPack exhibition. Our powder packaging machine drew much interest from potential customers, and we closed out the exhibition with many inquiries! This is a very positive start.

The highest accomplishment while attending these exhibitions is solving our customers’ problems. Back at the 2016 WestPack exhibition, we met a potential customer that showed interest in our products and shared their packaging issues. After 2 years of constant product improvement of quality, hard work, and customer dedication, we can now officially call this potential customer back in 2016 a secured account of Wisesorbents! We have executed and put in place a contract that is worth more than 10 million dollars – arranging the next delivery date during the visit.

In 2018 we have more than 12 exhibitions ahead of us to continue our growth and serving many industries. While we focus on the stellar design of Wisesorbent’s booth at the tradeshows we attend, it is very important to budget our expenses, to ensure each dollar is well spent. There is a lot of talk amongst people that exhibitions are a waste of time and money when in today’s world, you have the internet readily available for online marketing platforms. While the internet does serve a paramount service being able to reach customers very quickly, it does not display the strength of our company like it does at an exhibition. An exhibition enhances the relationship building between customers and allows industry leaders like Wisesorbent to learn new industry trends, so we can get ready today for tomorrow. Continuous learning and innovation is the foundation that our company firmly believes in.

Every exhibition may not reach the satisfaction we set out to hit, but this is not the entire point of participating in events and exhibitions such as WestPack. It is an opportunity to learn the future market and invest our time and money in this area to always remain a step ahead of our competition.

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