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As you may remember earlier on in the year, we had made major updates to our product pages, new photos, new descriptions and new technical documentation all with the goal of ensuring the most up to date and innovative solutions and products from WiseSorbent® were made accessible and understandable to the world. This goal has now become even closer to completion with both the Diagnostic Reagent and Industrial Fields being supplied with solutions and case studies for some of the best uses and combinations of our products and machinery.

The diagnostic reagent world is one of accuracy, safety and making sure loved ones take the right reading at the right time. With our solutions, diagnostic reagent products for diabetics, testing strips and a wide variety of medical devices are accounted for in the solutions described in the link below:


With our molecular sieve or color changing silica gel (which also uses transparent aihua paper) one can devise the best raw material for the job at hand. Have products very sensitive to moisture? Use Molecular sieve of course. Need to see when your desiccant has become saturated? The aihua paper silica gel strips are your best bet! Furthermore, the diabetic world is on the verge of a new age with the new storage capabilities with our desiccant aluminum film. Learn more by diving into the solutions and feel free to contact us directly if you would like to know more!

Meanwhile, the industrial world is full of large scale production and even larger machinery. Protecting those machines has never been easier though with our silica gel based dry breather! On the flip side, we have two new innovative products for the industrial industry, the Wisepower series. Discover how both the High Absorption and High Performance series can help you today! Click the links below and be prepared to see how moisture control can benefit your bottom line!


Lastly, large scale industrial production needs to be shipped out international almost every day, and due to these long arduous shipment routes, some products are damaged in the shipping process. Find out how to avoid these issues and keep products safe with our Shipping container solution!

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