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Watch for Wisesorbent: New Ad Campaign!

As our website and company continues to grow, WiseSorbent® has been expanding its outreach into various industries. The nutraceutical industry which is known for having all sorts of different moisture and desiccant solutions is one of them. This is why we are proud to announce a new advertising campaign together with Nutraceuticals World Magazine, the top publication for all nutraceutical products and developments. You can visit them here on their website:

Our first ad will be focusing on our sachet and cutting machine solution in the next issue in March and we will have 5 more over the coming months, a six month campaign with a new announcement each issue! We hope to bring excitement and innovation to the desiccant world and want to spread the word as much as we can!

You can get a sneak peak of the advertisement today here at the end of this article but this isn’t the only announcement we have when it comes to expanding our horizons! At the Interphex show in NYC at the beginning of April we will be on the Front Cover of Pharmaceutical Daily News on day 2 of the show (April 3rd) so make sure to grab a copy and check it out! Interphex is a huge event and everyday we will have an ad in the widely distributed publication along with a press release inside where you can read the latest updates on WiseSorbent® firsthand!

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