Wisesorbent Joined Active and Intelligent Packaging Association (AIPIA)

WiseSorbent® Joined the Active and Intelligent Packaging Association (AIPIA)

WiseSorbent® Joined AIPIA on June 16!

WiseSorbent® has been committed to active packaging solutions, which can remove water vapor, oxygen, and other components inside the packaging by adsorption, release, and oxidation to extend the shelf life of products. This is an idea of active protection of contents, so we call this “Active Packaging”.

After 20 years of development, we have successively developed innovative products such as Aluminum Desiccant Film and Cold Form Blister Desiccant Foil and obtained 85 patents. We have become a leading Chinese enterprise to provide active packaging solutions.

WiseSorbent® is pleased to join AIPIA. AIPIA has made great contributions to the active and intelligent packaging industry. They promoted the communication and implementation of many active and intelligent packaging projects and provided a professional communication platform for both supply and demand sides.

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