New Desiccant Products

WiseSorbent® Technology is a worldwide leader in desiccants and moisture-proof solutions. We are continually driven to provide the best products and services advocated by powerful technology. Today you are honored to present to you a few of our new products.

Desiccant Deodorizer Sachet & StripsSilica Gel + Activated Carbon Sachet

Activated Charcoal Silica Gel

Desiccant Deodorizer Sachet & Strips:

Packed with uncoated Tyvek to avoid dusting, WiseMini® desiccant deodorizer sachet and strips utilize premium quality silica gel and coconut activated carbon which allows for a high absorption capacity for moisture and odor. Our WiseMini® desiccant deodorizer sachet and strips retain moisture and odor from the bottle of pills. Our ultrasonic sealing method avoids using glue and prevents desiccant breaking. The WiseMini® desiccant deodorizer sachet is compliant with USP41-NF36.

Desiccant Deodorizer CanisterSilica Gel + Activated Carbon Sachet

Desiccant Deodorizer Canister

Desiccant Deodorizer Canister:

Wisecan® desiccant deodorizer canister contains premium quality silica gel and coconut activated carbon which allows high absorption capacity for both moisture and odor. The canister retains moisture from inside of the pill bottle and also absorbs the odor from the pills. A special anti-dust mesh structure prevents activated carbon dust. There is no ink contact due to the laser printing on Wisecan® desiccant deodorizer canisters. Making our desiccant canisters compliant with USP41-NF36.

Utilizing Wisecan® desiccant deodorizer canister with Wisepac® Canister Dispenser allows for automated manufacturing which improves production efficiency.

WiseCap® Desiccant CapDesiccant Cap Designed for Pharmaceutical Pill Bottles

WiseCap® Desiccant Tablet

WiseCap® Desiccant Cap:

WiseCap® desiccant cap is specially designed for pharmaceutical pill bottles. The desiccant can be conveniently attached into bottle caps on the the inside without occupying bottle space. They utilize non-toxic silica gel which is physically and chemically stable and PP plastic with fiber paper which prevents desiccant from leaking and shattering. Customized sizes of WiseCap® are available based on a variety of bottle cap sizes. WiseCap® desiccant cap is compliant with USP41-NF36.

WiseTab DesiccantTyvek Packed Molecular Sieve Tablet

Wisetab Desiccant

WiseTab Desiccant:

Tyvek packed molecular sieve tablet achieves a high absorption capacity under a low humidity rate: capable of controlling the humidity rate inside of medical packages under RH 10%. Which can effectively extend shelf life of pills sensitive to a damp environment. The molecular sieve tablet utilizes heat sealing method without glue and prevents dust for improved safety. Utilizing water-based ink for added safety. Our WiseTab also comings in customizable sizes and is Compliant with USP41-NF36.

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