WiseTube® Built in Desiccant Tube

WiseTube Built in Desiccant Tube

WiseTube® desiccant tube is an epoch-making innovative product. Different from the traditional method of putting desiccant in the cap, WiseSorbent® molds the special desiccant resin into the inner wall of the tube, so that the inner wall-of the whole tube has a drying function. This design completely solves the problem of desiccant leakage from the […]

Ensure Protection & Longevity for COVID19 Diagnostics Solutions

Desiccant Solutions Diagnostic Reagence COVID-19

WiseSorbent® provides desiccant solutions to enable protection and longevity for the COVID19 diagnostics solutions. This time in history as the world faces a pandemic of the coronavirus, at a time of abundant stress and insecurity. It’s likewise a moment in time when the work we do at WiseSorbent® is its most critical. WiseSorbent® provides desiccant […]

WiseFresh™ Food Fiber Desiccant

Introducing Our New Food Desiccant WiseFresh™ Fiber Desiccant: FOOD-GRADE Our new food-grade fiber desiccant utilizes natural plant fiber and is made through a special process. FDA binding food-grade calcium chloride is used as the main moisture absorption material. It has a strong moisture absorption capacity: under 25℃, RH90%. WiseFresh™ fiber desiccant it is able to […]

Wisemop Rapid Water Absorption


Introducing Our New Diagnostics ProductWisemop Rapid Water Absorption – Liquid Solidifier Wisemop® Rapid Water Absorption Pack is a product used in labs, medical and diagnostic field to quickly absorb and solidify leaking liquid. It utilizes water-soluble packing material which enables convenient usage of the product without opening the package. This water absorption pack is also […]

New Desiccant Products

WiseSorbent® Technology is a worldwide leader in desiccants and moisture-proof solutions. We are continually driven to provide the best products and services advocated by powerful technology. Today you are honored to present to you a few of our new products. Desiccant Deodorizer Sachet & StripsSilica Gel + Activated Carbon Sachet Desiccant Deodorizer Sachet & Strips: […]

Major Diagnostic Reagent Desiccant Product Page Update!

Diagnostic Reagent Desiccant Products

At the beginning of February, many of our readers may recall that our Pharmaceutical desiccant product page had overgone a major overhaul. Now we have done the same with our Diagnostic Reagent Industry based desiccants along with a few other major updates to the Pharma page as well! Not only do all of our Diagnostic […]

What type of products need desiccants?

WiseSorbent® Technology Desiccant Family

Whenever we here at WiseSorbent® talk about desiccants, we usually bring up 4 main industries: Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic Reagents, Industrial, and Shipping Containers. But many people ask us, what type of products really need desiccants? The simple answer of course is anything that needs moisture protection or humidity control but it can of course get a […]

Wisecargo Container Transport Desiccant

wisecargo container desiccant

The rapid development of the world economy has brought more business transactions, and marine container transport is one of the indispensable means of transport. There are tens of thousands of ships coming and going to shuttle across the ocean every day, but this traditional way of transport will also face its own transport and storage […]

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