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Major Diagnostic Reagent Desiccant Product Page Update!

At the beginning of February, many of our readers may recall that our Pharmaceutical desiccant product page had overgone a major overhaul. Now we have done the same with our Diagnostic Reagent Industry based desiccants along with a few other major updates to the Pharma page as well! Not only do all of our Diagnostic Reagent based products all have new photos, descriptions, frequently asked questions and relative humidity absorbance percentage charts but we have also made a major overhaul to the look and feel of the page as well! We have also made minor adjustments and improvements to the Pharmaceutical page to match the theme throughout the site. In addition, there are even some new products to be seen on both pages such as the very popular and brand new Desiccant Aluminum Film in various formats, our Powder Packaging Machine (previously only talked about on the solutions page) and fully updated information on our Diagnostic Wisetube series.

Safe to say, there is a lot of new material to see! Further still, we will be creating a new solutions page for our Diagnostic based solutions, such as the optimal usage of our Horizontal Cutting and Dispensing Machine, how to utilize the Desiccant Aluminum Film for Diabetes strip and more to come very soon. What is great about these updates is that it helps people not only understand what WiseSorbent® has to offer but also the Desiccant Industry as a whole. Our vision for this website is not just to sell products, but to help those in their respective industries learn why desiccants are so important and helpful to them. Like a famous phrase says: “good things come in small packages”.

So please, have a look at the new page and be sure to check out the site next week as we start rolling out the new solution pages. Up next we are sure to see similar updates for the Industrial and Shipping Container industries too. As always, feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have, especially now with a clearer picture of what we have to offer.

You can visit our new revamped Diagnostic Reagent Product Page here:

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