WiseFresh™ Food Fiber Desiccant

Introducing Our New Food Desiccant WiseFresh™ Fiber Desiccant: FOOD-GRADE

Our new food-grade fiber desiccant utilizes natural plant fiber and is made through a special process. FDA binding food-grade calcium chloride is used as the main moisture absorption material. It has a strong moisture absorption capacity: under 25℃, RH90%. WiseFresh™ fiber desiccant it is able to absorb more than 50% moisture of its own weight! It can be cut to all shapes and sized: rectangles, squares, circles, and more to fit into bottle caps and modes as you need, easy to use and saves packaging space. It can be used for nutraceutical products and food such as cookies and nuts.

  • Strong Absorption Capacity
    Strong Absorption Capacity
    It can absorb more than 50% moisture than of its own weight
  • Special Packing Material
    Special Packing Material
    Utilize porous non-woven paper
  • Solves Leaking
    Non-toxic and non-hazardous, easy to use
  • Strong Absorption Capacity
    Customized Weight
    Aside from standard products, you can also customize the component weight yourself
WiseFresh™ Fiber
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